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’Turkish’ 8F to Barry

The LMS Stanier-designed 8F locomotives were perhaps one of the most-travelled fleet of British-built steam locomotives having been exported to places such as Egypt, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Italy and Turkey during the war-time 1940s, oh, as well as 68 being built for use here in the UK!
WD-locomotive no. 348 was one of a batch of 25 locomotives exported to Turkey as a kit of parts (and one of only 18 to arrive - the remaining  seven were ‘lost at sea’ when the boat carrying them around the Atlantic sank) and upon arrival at Port Said in Egypt, were transhipped over land to Sivas in Turkey where it was re-erected and renumbered as TCCD 45160.
The steam loco worked around the country although having been built for British conditions, the design was not really suited to Turkish conditions being underpowered by Turkish standards (but designated a heavy freight loco in the UK) and with the lack of a drop-grate, were prevented from working long-distance trains until they were eventually relegated to shunting and local-trip freight workings.
The 8f’s worked in Turkey until the 1980s when they became an interest for British raiway enthusiasts seeking out British steam workings following the demise of steam in the UK.
In 1989, TCCD 45160 was the subject of a preservation attempt and was successfully repatriated to the UK by the Churchill 8F Locomotive Company, of which Andrew Goodman (Moveright International MD) played a major role. Since its repartiation, the locomotive has undergone an extensive restoration project and was returned to steam in 2010 at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway.

As part of the Tall Ships Festival which is held annually at the Barry Island waterfront in South Wales, TCCD 45160 was requested to appear at the nearby Barry Island Railway as guest star and once again, Moveright International were called to undertake the prestigious road move.


The locomotive is seen on arrival at Barry Island.
Photo: Mike Wilcock


As is the truck bringing in the tender.
Photo: Mike Wilcock


Ex-Turkish state railways TCCD 45160 is seen at Barry Island waiting to depart for Hood Road on the 3rd September 2011.                                                                                                                                                            Photo: Nick Wilcock